Friday, September 21, 2012

Grade 11 Programming (Delphi)

Here is the first chapter of the Grade 11 Programming book (for Delphi) we are developing.
We know that many of you would like to do a bit of Delphi this year already, and you are welcome to use this chapter. The Delphi IDE is introduced in this chapter and they learn how to build an interface and how to accept and receive input and to produce output. Emphasis is placed on the correct use of OOP terminology by referring to components and the Form as objects from the word go. The use of variables is not addressed in this chapter. However, many opportunities are provided for them to identify data types and to convert data to and from strings by using the properties of the components. This is a skill that needs to be developed since it was not necessary to pay attention to data types in Scratch, but it is an important requirement in Delphi coding. 
Please take into account that the chapter will still be edited and proofread again before it is published. Any comments or recommendations regarding the chapter will be most welcome. We would like to know if what is expected of the learners is at an acceptable level or if it is not perhaps too easy for them. (All comments can be sent to
Study Opportunities IT team

PS: Hierdie module word in Engels en Afrikaans verskaf. Die Gr11-programmeringsboek gaan egter net in Engels beskikbaar wees.

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