Saturday, May 19, 2012

Scratch test on control structures, sensing, variables and the random function

My grade 9 classes do Scratch and they focus on using the control structures, sensing, variables and the random function to write games.  The following test was easy to mark and tested all the skills I wanted to assess.  It does not expect the grade 9s to do problem solving, but merely tests whether they know how to use Broadcast, When green flag clicked, When sprite clicked, When key presses, When I receive, as well as loops like forever, repeat until with conditions like touching another sprite and the y value exceeding a value.

Open the program Worm in the garden learner files
1. Declare a variable lives (1)
2. When you click the green flag:
a. Switch to background Start on the stage (2)
b. Make the worm invisible (2)
c. Make the bird invisible (2)
d. Make the flower invisible (2)
e. Make the button visible (2)
3. When you click the button:
a. make the button broadcast the message start (2)
b. make the button invisible (2)
4. When the stage and other sprites receive the message “start”
a. Switch to background Garden on the stage (2)
b. Set lives to 3 (2)
c. Make the worm visible (2)
d. Put the worm in position x=200, y = -150 (2)
e. Make the flower visible (2)
f. Make the flower switch costumes continuously (2)
g. Make the bird visible (2)
h. Make the bird contiuously move across the stage at random speeds from random positions (8)
5. When you click the arrow keys:
a. The worm must move 2 steps up when you press the up arrow key (2)
b. The worm must move 2 steps down when you press the down arrow key (2)
c. The worm must move 2 steps left when you press the left arrow key (2)
d. The worm must move 2 steps right when you press the right arrow key (2)
6. When the worm is touching the bird
a. Put the worm back in the bottom right corner (2)
b. Change lives by -1 (2)
7. When the worm’s lives are up
a. broadcast a message so that the stage background can change to “try again?” (2)
b. stop all scripts (2)
8. When the worm touches flower
a. broadcast a message “finish” (2)
9. When the stage receives the message “finish” change the background to You made it! (2)
10. Make sure that you have added your name as author of your program , save txt summary and print (3)



  1. Hallo Marina. Ek wil graag jou toets gebruik in my klas. Mag ek? Is dit vir jou moontlik om dalk die link vir die data vir my te stuur. Dis 'n baie oulike toets, en sal lekker werk. GROOT asb en dankie!

  2. Met plesier! Ek het die skakel na die oplossing opgesit sodat jy die voltooide program kan aflaai en kdan die kode kan uitvee.